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Donghai Taiyi Fine Chemical CO.,LTD. is located in Lianyungang Jiangsu Province. It is a new type pharmaceutical chemical enterprise which integrates R&D, development and sales. It mainly involves in the production of pharmaceutical crude drug and pharmaceutical intermediates. The main products are Imipenem, Meropenem, Biapenem, Ertapenem ,and the main content of the crude drug of faropenem: -carbon mildew alkene main link, b-lactam single link as well as all kinds of side chain or side ring,as: meropenem nuclear parent, 4BMA,meropenem 1β-methyl carbon blue mildew alkene dicyclo-nuclear parent MAP(MVP),meropenem side link 2S-CIS; meropenem intermediates carbanilide oxygen radical phosphoryl chloride(chloro-diphenyl phosphate),dodecane alkyl benzenes sulfonyl azide,malonic acid list to nitryl ester,Magnesiummono-p-nitrobenzylmalonate; (BPSBC) ; faropenem side link;imipenem nuclear parent, imipenem side link ,2-diazonium etheric acid to nitryl animal ester and so on.

The root for Donghai Taiyi Fined Chemical Co., Ltd. placing with the new pharmacy industry is guide with S&T innovation and based on the standardized operation of the enterprise. The spirit of the enterprise is " top the customers, quality first, keep to the contract and high light the credit" and it sticks to the principle that to seek survival from quality and to seek development from credit" and the rule that " mutual benefit and share the benefit". Welcome all kinds of cooperation to seek mutual development.

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  • Donghai Taiyi Fine Chemical CO.,LTD.
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  • LocationJiangsu
  • AdressNanchen Industrial Park,Donghai County,Lianyungang City,Jiangsu,China
  • Zip code222324
  • IndustryNanchen town donghai lianyungangjiangsu
  • Company typeBusiness units
  • Business modelManufacturers
  • Company size 500-999 people
  • Registered capital5000万Yuan
  • Year of Registration1988
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