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 Beijing Shuangxuan Microbe Medium Products Plant, hereinafter referred to  Beijing Shuangxuan, was established in 1985 and the first professional factory  to produce mediums and raw materials for microbiological testing in China. Our  factory was formerly known as Microbe Medium Products Factory , Beijing Haidian  district and has changed its name to the present one in 1997. Our factory  locates on the No.84 of Tsing Lung Bridge Sanchakou, near the North Palace Gate  of the attractive scenery spot Summer Palace. The whole factory now covers  approximately 6000 square meters, with a building area of approximately 2900  square meters. We have about 100 workers, including 30% professional management  staff as well as engineering and technical personnel. The fixed asserts is 4.5  million (RMB). Our factory provides advanced and perfect technical research,  manufacture equipments and detecting instruments. We have excellent technique,  perfect quality control system, and are always exploring the new technology of  products and self-improvement of product structure according to market  demands,

  We persist in “For the healthy living of the human being, for the  development of the vigorous society” as the tenet, scrupulously abide by  mutually benefit and cooperation, exchange of needed goods, together development  principle. We have been a group member of the China Society for Microbiology  Group with 8 permanent members after 18 years’ unremitting efforts. We, Beijing  Shuangxuan, cordially wish to cooperate with all microbiologists, biologists,  engineers and technicians so as to improve product quality, to develop high-tech  and to make great contributions in the field of domestic and international  bio-engineering.

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