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Qidong Ruifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Binjiang fine chemical park in Beixin town, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province, and engaged in the manufacture of all kinds of pharmaceutical materials & intermediates. We have become the largest production base for chlorpromazine hydrochloride and 2-Chlorophenothiazine. At present, our products mainly include chlorpromazine hydrochloride, 2-Chlorophenothiazine, 1-Bromo-3-Chloro-2-Methylpropane, 3-Chloro-2-Methyl-N,N-Dimethylpropylamine HCL, 3-Chloro-N,N-Dimethylpropylamine HCL, 1,3-Dibromopropane, Isobutyl bromide, 4-bromofluorobenzene, 3-bromopropene, 3-Chloro-1-Propanol, etc.

Our company boasts perfect H.R. management system, top technical powder, advanced testing instruments, well-formed service system as well as superb products quality. And our products have been well received and in great demand around the world.

The company always insists on the principle of quality first and customer top, and wins wide market by top product quality and perfect service system

We warmly welcome the visit and business of friends from both home and abroad for mutual development!

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  • Qidong Ruifeng Chemical Co., Ltd.
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  • LocationJiangsu
  • AdressBinhai fine chemical park, Beixin town, Qidong, Jiangsu
  • Zip code226221
  • IndustryBinhai fine chemical park, Beixin town, Qidong, Jiangsu, China
  • Company typeBusiness units
  • Business modelManufacturers
  • Company size 500-999 people
  • Registered capital5000万Yuan
  • Year of Registration1989
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