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Jinzhou Jiutai Pharma co,.Ltd ,Located in Jinzhou city, Liaoning province,is one of the local key enterprises with a lot of honor and certifications such as"the advanced enterprise","the civilized factory","the scientific & technological leading enterprise" and "the enterprise won the trust of consumers" etc.

     The company has a land of 50,000m2 and  the registered capital of 40.46 million Yuan RMB there are 1,250 staff workers,among which 310 scientific and technical workers. There are seven workshops, one reaserch and developing laboratory and one share controlling company for pharmaceutical materials.the kinds of products are nearly one hundred,the pharmaceutical material "Chlorhexidine"was first produced in homeland, a series of suppository products made from Chlorhexidine are sold all over the country.the injection,the tablets and the powder for injection etc.are produced by the advanced producing technology , rational technical way and a perfect system for inspection and control.the quality of the products is stable and reliable.

     Jinzhou Jiutai pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.has a province-level technology R&D center..since many years our company has developed successfully products : pharmaceutical material chlorhexidine,suppository chlorhexidine, pharmaceutical material and preparation Malotilatum, suppository tri- ingredients hemorrhoids, pharmaceutical material and preparation omepraszol,suppository(NuBao)female treasure, suppository metronidazol chlotrimazol and chlorhexidine acetate pharmaceutical material and preparation pantoprazolinjection tobramycininjection nicardipinecapsul azithromycin fumarateinjection hexanon-theobromine sodium chloride injection etc. more than 10 kinds of products, six of which filled up the domestic blankness.and the four great leadng brands products :the pharmaceutical material chlorhexidine ,the suppository for female section,the drug for anti- peptic ulcer ,the drug analgesic-antipyretic etc. have been established.

     For enchancing the produce technique and developing new products, our company gathered some excellent medicinal Wokers come from China medicine university,Shenyang medicine university and Jiamuse medicine institute and imported the advanced production equipment successively and made complete technical reconstruction according the GMP criterion with huge capital.our injection,suppository,powder for injection products and pharmaceucal material are made by the GMP standerd.    

     The company takes in managing "consumer supreme, prestige first"as aim,"sincere friendliness ,mutual benefit and win-win "as cooperation starting point and "sticking to the contract , keeping the promise".the company has established seven big central distributions in Jinzhou.Shenyang,Beijing,Nanjing,Zhengzhou,Wuhan and  more than 30 offices all over the world,

     We have an efficient sales team and a well-developed sales market, our products are sold all over China, Europe and America. 

     Jinzhou Jiutai pharma,.co.LTD welcomes you to join in and make a goog future together.

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  • LocationLiaoning
  • Adressinternation
  • Zip code121012
  • IndustryTaihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province
  • Company typeBusiness units
  • Business modelManufacturers
  • Company size 500-999 people
  • Registered capital5000万Yuan
  • Year of Registration1951
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