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ShaCheXian FuYuan Licorice Production Co.LTD,

The main products are glycyrrhizic acid powder, glycyrrhizic acid high-quality goods, glycyrrhizic acid crude products, glycyrrhizic acid ammonium salt, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, extractum glycyrrhizae, glycyrhiza frost,Licorice sweet flavor(R21),

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company profile
 ShaCheXian FuYuan Licorice Production Co.LTD,which covers an area of 63000 square meters, is located in KaShi ShaCheXian industrial park that is in the upper stream of the YeErQiang of XinJiang.  It was the thoroughfare of the Silk Road before and the junction of the east and west, which is in the west of Taklimakan Desert, the east of the Pamirs, the north of Karakorum Mountains. With temperate continental arid climate, the weather here is distintive. The climate is relatively dry with long sunshine hours, low annual rainfall, high evaporation, the average frost free period of 177 days. KaShi is rich in wild liquorice, Codonopsis pilosula, ephedra and other 15 kinds of medicinal plants, where is a “natural factory”.
Since 2007, ShaCheXian FuYuan Licorice Production Co.LTD has mainly engaged in the extraction and processing of liquorice, and own Halal certification and import and export permit. In the guidance of science and technology, the company has developed ... [Introduce]