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Changshu Fushilai Medicine & Chemical Co.,Ltd. is one member of Jiangsu Fushilai Pager Making Group, speciallze in manufacturing 6.8-Dichloro ethyl Caprylate, Alpha Lipoic acid and relative pharmaceutical and chemical products, is one of the biggest manufacturers in China.

     The company lies in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, located in Yangcheng lake,by the Taihu lake, It is 100 kms away from Shanghai & 40 kms from Suzhou City. The company occupied 10000 Square meters, and the factory building is 4000 Square meters with complete GC and HPLC inspection equipment, RMB 10,000,000 fixed assets and 100 Employees, the key positions are occupied by professional persons with qualified certificate. The company implements the ISO9002 standard comprehensively, the corporation has built up a sound quality control and guarantee system and got ISO9002 certificate.

     The company's Tenet:Ensuring service quality and meeting demands of clients all the way.

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