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Wuxi Forest is a company working on process R&D and manufacture of fine chemicals ,which are used as intermediate and rough source of API and AI.
We employed an efficient R&D team for process development .A robust and safe process in Lab is strictly required to guarantee reproducible scales-up in plant. So we developed a practical system for safety evaluation, IPC parameter control and concise mass balance.
We have two separated plants which are responsible for pilot test and real manufacture,respectively. So we can provide customer the needed amount from kg scale to tons depending on the variation of chemistry.
We take great interests in heterocyclic chemistry, including compounds of 5/6 member and some fused cycles. Our facilities can handle most of chemical reaction in term of chemical industry and nitration, halogenation, and organolithium/magnesium are included.
Our business mission is to establish the reliable Process R&D center in fine chemical industry.
Our business principle is Safety, Quality, and Efficiency.
Our core value is people and to develop the people with the business together.
Credibility, Commitment, Cooperation, and Contribution are the Guidance for our Employees.

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