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Updated on: 2020-07-09
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Vacuum oven is a kind of box type vacuum drying equipment that is widely used for low temperature drying in the negative pressure condition in the pharmaceutical, food, light, chemical and other industries. The parts touching with materials can be made from SS304, SS316L, Ti, Hastelloy, PTFE lined or other materials. The advantages are fast drying speed, little pollution and good product quality. The oven keep the work space vacuum and dry by vacuum pump, which helps reduce the boiling point and fasten drying speed. 


Vacuum oven is specially designed for drying heat-sensitive, easily decomposed and oxidized material. Inert gas can be filled into oven, so stuff with some complicated composition can also be dried in a short time. Faster drying speed happens in lower temperature while heat is fully used. Sterilization treatment can be done before drying. And in the drying process, any impurity is prohibited. The dryer is static and vacuum, so that the formation of dry material will not be damaged. It can work in a high vacuum state of 20Pa. Heating methods: steam, hot water and heat conducting oil. The parts touching with materials can be made from SS304, SS316L, Ti, Hastelloy, PTFE lined or other materials. Its inside wall is treated with electrolytic mirror polishing or mechanical polishing while its outside wall uses SS304 full-welding structure, and its outside surface is treated with mirror polishing or matte polishing.

Compared with the general oven, there are some advantages in vacuum oven. It works under the negative pressure with less oxygen content, which can reduce or eliminate the oxidation reaction. Under the negative pressure, boiling point is reduced, and it avoids the damage of material’s quality. If solvent is toxic or valuable, the gas can be condensed and recycled.
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