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Tannic acid

CAS: 1401-55-4 
Brand: Maoyuan 
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Updated on: 2015-06-11
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Introduction: Tannic acid is 100% natural high-molecular gallotannin extracted and purified from gallnuts. This high purity grade is specially developed for the stabilization of beer. It is practically insolu- ble in beer and is well know as drink ability enhancer for a more refreshing taste. It also is completely biodegradable and harmless at normal use(no dust hazard, waste problem, etc.)
Product picture:
Molecular structure:
Quality Standard: Appearance: light yellow granular powder
Purity (on dry material - HPLC): > 92%
Gallic acid (HPLC): < 0.4%
Heavy metals (FCC IV): < 15ppm
Loss on drying: < 10%
Color Gardner (1:10; alcohol): 4 - 6EBC
Ph (1% in water): 4 -5
Solubility in H2O: clear
Gum: Negative
Dextrin: Negative
Uses: Tannic acid is dissolved in soft water at room temperature, with a concentration of 25%. It is then further diluted in H2O to 5% at cellar temperature. This solution is added to the wort prior to 5 minutes of the end of the boiling process and/or before end-filtration. The water must be O2-free and covered with CO2-gas to avoid O2-injection in the beer. It is impo-rtant that the Tannic acid solution is thoroughly mixed with the wort in order to obtain a good prestabilisation.
For more detailed information regarding beer stabilization with Tannic acid, refer to the technical specification.
Function: Tannic acid, a very specific gallotannin, only reacts with the acid proteins containing SH-groups by absor-ption and precipitation. Tannic acid is also a metal chelating agent. It remov-es (or partially removes) iron, copper, aluminum, etc.
Very easy application without investment
Increase of yield in the whirlpool
Increased flavor stability
Shorter maturation time, less bottoms
Longer filterruns at end clarification
Colloidal stability improvement
Longer shelf-life
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