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Sodium Hyaluronate(Medical Injection Grade)

CAS: 9067-32-7 
Brand: Topscience 
Model: Sodium Hyaluronate 
Price Negotiable  Enquiry
Min. Order: 0.1 Kg 
Total Quantity:
Delivery: 21 days after payment
Valid until: 2024-05-01
Updated on: 2022-05-10
Hits: 37
Company Details
 Sodium hyaluronate is the major constituent of intercellular substance, corpus vitreum and synovial fluid and plays a key part in moisturizing, maintaining the extracellular space, adjusting the osmotic pressure and promoting the repair of cells. Molecules of sodium hyaluronate consist of much carboxyl and hydroxyl which formulate the hydrogen bond intramolecularly in solutions. Therefore, it has a strong effect of locking water and can combine water which may be thousand times of itself. Just because of the tertiary network structure formed by intermolecular interaction, its solution has the remarkable viscoelasticity under the circumstances of high concentration. As a major component of intercellular stroma, sodium hyaluronate directly takes part in the adjustment of exchange of electrolytes in and out of cells to play a role of filter for physical and molecular information. Sodium hyaluronate of high molecular weight can restrain the function of cell locomotion, multiplication, differentiation and cytophagy, while sodium hyaluronate of small molecular weight is opposite. Sodium hyaluronate has the distinctive physicochemical property and physiological function and is widely applied in medical use.
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