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Established in 1978, Suzhou Tailida Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise which mainly produces the aluminium nickel alloy series and noble metal carrier model catalysts (Pd, Pt). It can produce 1,000 tons aluminium nickel alloy per year and 5 tons noble metal catalyst per year. It has been appraise as the "Trustworthy Enterprise" for 20 years in succession from 1978 to 2009 by the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Suzhou. In 1997-2009, it was appraise as the "AAA Level Credit Standing Enterprise" by Jiangsu International Consultation and Evaluation Company.

The aluminium nickel alloy series catalyst is widely used in the high pressure hydrogenation and dehydrogenation crafts. This kind of skeleton nickel catalyst has multi-hole skeleton structure, similar to sponge and demonstrates very high hydrogenation and dehydrogenation activities. At present the Raney’s nickel is the widest used product on industry, mainly uses in fine chemicals intermediate's hydrogenation such as the food (fat hardening) and medicine etc. Because it forms multi-hole and spongy fine metal nickel, so it has high and steady activity and does not pollute its processing products, the very important one is that it does not pollute the food.

High-efficient and new-type carrier model(active charcoal , BaSO4 , CaCO3 ,etc. ) noble metal(Pd, Pt)series catalyst has good performance, strong products   select  ivity, high conversion ratio and low reaction pressure and temperature. It is used in hydriding, dehydrogenation, hydrogen migration, the abruption of benzyl oxide and allyl ether, allyl ether's isomerization, aldehyde's decarbonylation, sulfoxide's deoxidation,etc. It is widely applied to many fields, such as the pharmaceutical, spices, dyestuff industry and petrochemical industry etc. extensively. The 5% of the Pd charcoal catalyst's application is widest, and can produce the carrier model noble metal catalyst of different content according to the user's needs.

Our company has 3 doctors and masters and a group of middle-and-high-ranking professional technicians. They have offered the reliable technological assurance for products quality assurance and new products research and development. Aluminium nickel alloy series and noble metal catalyst that our company produces carry out the national standard and relevant standards strictly, adopting the strict production technology in order to guarantee the product quality. The production technology standard reaches enterprise's standard. Our company can also make some or all hydrogenation technological process for the customer according to their request.

In order to express gratitude to the great kindness and support of the masses of old and new users, our president Mr.Hua Fengnan, on the behalf of all the staff, welcomes the friends from all walks of life to visit us and would appreciate the advice heartily.

Up above there is Paradise, down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou. With its long history, Suzhou is a beautiful, rich, vigorous and remarkable place producing outstanding people. Here able men are coming forth in multitudes and it is developing rapidly. Welcome the knowledgeable people from all walks of life to come to Suzhou Huafa Catalyst Co. ,Ltd for cooperation and joint venture, and creates brilliance together.

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