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Qingdao Jiodine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Is a comprehensive enterprise specialized in the scientific research, development and production of pharmaceutical chemical products

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potassium iodate
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  potassium iodate

Product name:potassium iodate (Molecular formula:KIO3 Relative molecular weight,214.00)

Product introduction
1.Property:It is colorless crystal or white crystal powder; it is soluble in water, dilute acid, ethidene diamine and Potassium iodide water soluble, lightly soluble in liquid sulfur dioxide and liquid ammonia and in soluble in alcohol and ammonia water.
2.Uses: It is used as precipitator in chemical analysis, feed additive in agriculture and drugs in pharmaceutical.
3.iodine potassium dodecyl sulfate executive standard

Item Standard
KIO3content(in dry basis)% ≥99.0
PH range meet the specification
iodide(in I+)% meet the specification
barium salt meet the specification
loss on drying% ≤0.5
Heavy metal(in Pb)% ≤0.001
arsenic(As)% ≤0.0003

The product is packed by inner plastic bag and the package specification is 25kg/drum or according to customer requirement

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