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Jiangsu Xinlei Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd founded in 2009, is a China Products manufacturers and Products factory, Our company is mainly engaged in the development, design and manufacture of automotive interior and exterior trim parts, household appliances and high-end daily necessities. Products mainly include Front Bumper Assembly, Front Door Assembly, dustbin mold and Products etc. Our company has a rapid rise in the field of injection molds thanks to rich design concept in the field of injection molds, exquisite workmanship, modern machining centers and perfect teams. Our wholesale Products is exported to many countries and regions overseas.
Enterprise’s Management Model
Enterprise management mode with "three-five" as the core
"Three Five" includes "five", "five concentrated", "five key indicators"
“Five” refers to the hierarchy of functions, institutionalization of management, business process, analysis and digitization, and team professionalization.
Enterprise’s Strategic Goals
We will strengthen the industry, expand the real estate, and do excellent business, and build a large-scale comprehensive enterprise group with strong core competitiveness that is prominent in the main business, multi-industry and coordinated development.

Company Profile
  • Jiangsu Xinlei Mould & Plastic Co.,Ltd.
  • Contactcratemoldgood(Mr.)  
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  • Email
  • Tel
  • LocationJiangsu
  • AdressNo.9 Hengtai Road, Tinghu Economic Development Zone, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Zip code224000
  • IndustryAsia
  • Company typeBusiness units
  • Business modelManufacturers
  • Registered capital1200万Yuan
  • Year of Registration2009
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